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Soaking it all in ...

Last full day in Thailand

sunny 90 °F

We had a phenomenal last full day in Kamala, and are reluctant to head off tomorrow (but excited for our next adventures!) Basically, today was an exact replica of Saturday, so I'll try to be brief ...

We started with coffee on the patio and then went to breakfast. I went with the hardboiled eggs and veggies again, and tried a new fruit (mangosteen, you just eat the white part). Kevin did the coconut waffle again. I also got this beautiful flower arrangement since it was the Queen (of Thailand)'s birthday yesterday.

We spent the day alternating between the main pool and our patio (with a little gym time thrown in, of course). Kevin got to practice his "yoga" on the edge of the infinity pool ...

We headed out for another $9, 60-minute massage at the same place, and then went to dinner at the same place as Saturday (I know, so boring, but at least we got different things! We went a little overboard on the ordering ... Kevin started with the lobster bisque and the fried spring rolls, and I started with Spicy Thai Papaya Salad (soo good, but spicy is not an understatement!). Then, Kevin had fried noodles with shrimp and vegetables, and I had a soup of greens (I think morning glory) in coconut milk broth. Yes, I actually ordered a beer! After hearing they were out of wine, coconut water, and Diet Coke, and realizing that beer was $1, I decided to work on trying to hate beer less (9 years too late for college!)

We took this pretty sweet lit-up open-air taxi back to the hotel, and are spending the night here relaxing.

Oh, but don't forget the 7-11 stop for snacks ... this haul was $6 (and no, we haven't quite finished our haul from Saturday, but we figured we'd stock up now ... and this is why we work out every day, even on vacation :) ).

I'll leave you with two last pictures from today. The first is me standing on the outside of the hotel lobby, with the 24-karat-plated floor. The second is the main pool of the hotel lit up for the night.

We arrive in Hong Kong after midnight tomorrow night, so no promises on blogging. If not, we'll catch you Wednesday!
-Megan and Kevin

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Islands, Bats, and Spiders

Panak Island, Talu Cave, Hong Island, Panyi Village, James Bond Island, Koh Lawa

sunny 90 °F

One more wonderful day down in Thailand! We had a few creatures intruding on our adventures, but the day was otherwise perfect. We started out with an early morning workout and breakfast (Tried a new fruit this morning called rambutan! And I switched up my egg white omelet for hardboiled eggs + grilled tomatoes/ mushrooms). We then got picked up by a shuttle to take us to our Island Hopping Tour. As we arrived at the pier, it looked more like a swamp, and we were a bit skeptical ...

Once we got out of the pier, though, the views became amazing. We have 250 pictures from today, and they are all fabulous, but we'll spare you the details and just say we saw views like this for hours on end!

One of our first stops was Talu Cave, where we got to see some amazing limestone and sand formations. It was pretty amazing, until we saw hundreds of bats (my least favorite creature on the planet)!

We also stopped at James Bond Island (Khao Phing Khan), which was featured in James Bond: The Man with the Golden Gun in 1974. We had never seen the movie, but the views were amazing!

We explored Hong Island by canoe. Check out some of these amazing rock formations coming straight out of the water! The views were incredible. We had a canoe driver do most of the work, but I got to try it out for a while - it was much harder than kayaking!

We went to Panyi Village next. This is a village that 2,000 people call home, and was started at the end of the 18th century by 2 nomadic Muslim Malay families - the entire village (homes, restaurants, stores, school) still stands on stilts in the water! They served us a family-style lunch and we got to know a few of the other couples on our tour.

Our last stop of the tour was Koh Lawa, where we promptly face-planted under a tree ... touring in the 90 degree weather all day (with no AC breaks) is tiring! The island was gorgeous.

Once we took the shuttle back to our hotel, we were incredibly excited for a shower. Our only complaint about the tour was that they crammed about 3 times as many people on the boat as the boat should reasonably have held, and being in very close proximity with a bunch of other hot, sweaty people was ... interesting! We flipped on the TV + live blog coverage + Twitter streams for the Olympic marathon, and stayed glued to it for the next two hours (heartbreaking for Ryan Hall, our favorite! But thrilling for Kiprotich, and of course, Meb).

Once it was over around 7:30, we were pretty hungry, and decided to order room service. We ordered chicken stir fry + french fries (very Thai), and chicken satay + mixed vegetables. We were about to take a picture when we saw this ginormous spider on our wall - much bigger than it looks! Now, if I dislike bats, Kevin dislikes spiders about 400 times more. After a series of shrieks (I mean, very manly screams), he convinced me to try to smack it with my shoe, which I did several times. I swear I got it, but ... we're not exactly sure where it is. After 3 hours of Google searches to make sure we'll make it until the morning, I think Kevin will be able to sleep ...

Last full day in Thailand tomorrow!
-Megan and Kevin

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Surprise! We're moving to Thailand!

sunny 90 °F

OK, not really, but we never want to leave ... this is paradise! Today started with coffee on our patio, overlooking the ocean, and then we headed down to breakfast. We had lots more fruit, another egg white omelet for me, and coconut waffles for Kevin.

The rest of the morning and afternoon pretty much consisted of this: main pool --> personal pool --> gym --> main pool --> personal pool. It was rough!

In the late afternoon, we headed into town (Kamala) to get massages, a Thai specialty. We got a 60-minute massage for $9 each! It was amazing. Then we headed to this fun roadside bar for a drink, and they gave us Connect Four to play (someone won 5 out of 5 games, and their name does not start with K!).

We next headed to dinner, where they had live singers - lots of classic American music. The food was great - we started with salad (me) and tomato soup (Kev), and then Kev got sweet and sour shrimp. My meal deserves a whole new sentence because it was just. that. good! It was curry rice with mixed seafood and raisins all stuffed in a pineapple! Not flavors that I might have put together myself, but it was great.

Finally, we got snacks from 7-11 ... this is just Kevin's portion of the haul, and mine plus his together was $5!

Last stop of the evening was to pick up our laundry that we dropped off yesterday. Everything came back great and they were super friendly. We can't believe they tied little orange strings on every single piece - even the individual socks! Kevin said "you'll never post this picture," so I have to do it now - this was us coming back in an open air taxi with our laundry.

Tomorrow will be a bit of a change of pace, but we're super excited, so stay tuned!
-Megan and Kevin

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Ultimate Relaxation

semi-overcast 89 °F

We are pretty much in paradise ... our resort in Thailand has far exceeded our expectations and we are loving every second. There's not a ton to tell, since most of today involved being parked by a pool or ocean, but we do have some good pictures to share!

We started the day with coffee on our patio, and Kev got in an early morning swim.

We headed to breakfast, which was a fantastic spread of fruit, juices, pastries, and yogurts, plus an a la carte menu (Kev got french toast, I got an egg white omelet).

We then headed down to the beautiful infinity pool ... we thought we might not get a chair, until we saw...

We spent a while reading and relaxing, with the pool to ourselves, and then hit the gym for a workout (also overlooking the water!).

We wanted to head into "town" to get some laundry done (yes, it's "only" been 10 days, but when you have 50 pounds to pack summer touring clothes for Asia, winter touring clothes for Australia, beach clothes for Thailand, workout clothes, etc., you can imagine the situation was getting pretty dire!). Once we dropped off our laundry, we tried to take the hotel shuttle into a different part of town, but it dropped us off at the resort's private beach. No problem - we just relaxed there for a while, and it was gorgeous!

We explored the cute town and continued the everlasting search for running shorts (nope). On our way back, we (OK, me) were getting pretty hungry, but it was already 4pm, so we just stopped for a little snack (tomato soup for Kev, garden salad for me). When we got back, we read some more on our patio and swam in our pool ... and the hotel dropped off an afternoon snack of fried seafood bundles and mushroom toast.

We headed to catch the sunset over a drink (wine flight for me, pina colada for Kev) at the hotel's Thai restaurant, and then had dinner. We shared some kind of spring rolls (we're not actually sure what was inside them, but they were good!), and then Kev got a shrimp pad thai encrusted in an egg "shell," and I got a green vegetable and shrimp curry. Both were fantastic!

As you can tell, it's been a very tough day, so we'll probably end up hitting the hay relatively soon. But before we do, I would not be me if I didn't comment on two really crazy NBA updates (hey, we're disconnected from reality, but not that disconnected! Does everyone know that Dirk got married (in Dallas? in Kenya? I'm seeing different stories) and Dwight Howard is now with the Lakers? Umm ... wow. OK, good night from Thailand!
-Megan and Kevin

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A dash of excitement in a sea of boring

Long day of travel from Beijing to Phuket

sunny 80 °F

Well, this post should meet my goal of (relative) brevity ... mainly because not a ton happened today! Our 4:30 wake up call, cab to the airport in Beijing, customs clearance, and 3.5 hour flight to Hong Kong were more or less a blur. We had breakfast on the flight (yogurt, muesli, and fruit for me; eggs, croissant, fruit for Kev, who discovered a new love for dragonfruit!), slept a bit, read a bit, and did a bit of work.

When we got to the HK airport, we had a very exciting email ... after hitting several snags with the townhome we have been trying to buy since putting in an offer on July 12th, we have FINALLY come to an agreement with the Seller ... we are one step closer to home ownership! This (combined with the 4 hour layover we would be sitting through!) obviously deserved a celebratory drink - my first drink during 9 days of vacation! Not that we are huge drinkers anyway, just thought it was interesting.

On our second 3+-hour flight, we got some more food - another great plate of fruit, and then we thought it was a great idea to order beef stew (mainly because the sides were "polenta and roasted vegetables"). Kev said it was good (maybe the Hagen-Dazs ice cream swayed him!), but I just couldn't bring myself to eat it and had some snacks instead.

When we arrived in Phuket, we had a car waiting for us to take us to our hotel, and got to drive through some small towns on the way. We saw tons of rubber trees (which apparently make up a big portion of the Thai economy), dozens of roadside fruit stands and small shops, and hundreds of motorbikes ALL over the roads! I was scared for them, but apparently they know what they're doing!

As we pulled up to the hotel, we were greeted with cold towels and lemongrass tea, and walked out to the reception patio, which had an absolutely stunning view - looking right over the ocean, which was gorgeous as we were arriving at the tail end of sunset (~8pm). The patio is also plated with 24k gold! We'll get you some better pictures tomorrow.

Our "angel" (who is assigned to meet our needs while we're here!) took us to our room, which took our breaths away - it's a gorgeous room with lounge chairs on a patio overlooking the ocean, a private plunge pool, daily re-stocked fresh fruit ... what more could you ask for? We can't WAIT for it to get light tomorrow to be able to fully enjoy it!

I parked myself on the lounge chair, listened to the ocean, watched the stars, and never want to leave here :). Although it seems a bit ridiculous to say, I think this "vacation from our vacation of sightseeing" will be exactly what we need over the next few days. We feel so lucky to be here!

-Megan and Kevin

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