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Islands, Bats, and Spiders

Panak Island, Talu Cave, Hong Island, Panyi Village, James Bond Island, Koh Lawa

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One more wonderful day down in Thailand! We had a few creatures intruding on our adventures, but the day was otherwise perfect. We started out with an early morning workout and breakfast (Tried a new fruit this morning called rambutan! And I switched up my egg white omelet for hardboiled eggs + grilled tomatoes/ mushrooms). We then got picked up by a shuttle to take us to our Island Hopping Tour. As we arrived at the pier, it looked more like a swamp, and we were a bit skeptical ...

Once we got out of the pier, though, the views became amazing. We have 250 pictures from today, and they are all fabulous, but we'll spare you the details and just say we saw views like this for hours on end!

One of our first stops was Talu Cave, where we got to see some amazing limestone and sand formations. It was pretty amazing, until we saw hundreds of bats (my least favorite creature on the planet)!

We also stopped at James Bond Island (Khao Phing Khan), which was featured in James Bond: The Man with the Golden Gun in 1974. We had never seen the movie, but the views were amazing!

We explored Hong Island by canoe. Check out some of these amazing rock formations coming straight out of the water! The views were incredible. We had a canoe driver do most of the work, but I got to try it out for a while - it was much harder than kayaking!

We went to Panyi Village next. This is a village that 2,000 people call home, and was started at the end of the 18th century by 2 nomadic Muslim Malay families - the entire village (homes, restaurants, stores, school) still stands on stilts in the water! They served us a family-style lunch and we got to know a few of the other couples on our tour.

Our last stop of the tour was Koh Lawa, where we promptly face-planted under a tree ... touring in the 90 degree weather all day (with no AC breaks) is tiring! The island was gorgeous.

Once we took the shuttle back to our hotel, we were incredibly excited for a shower. Our only complaint about the tour was that they crammed about 3 times as many people on the boat as the boat should reasonably have held, and being in very close proximity with a bunch of other hot, sweaty people was ... interesting! We flipped on the TV + live blog coverage + Twitter streams for the Olympic marathon, and stayed glued to it for the next two hours (heartbreaking for Ryan Hall, our favorite! But thrilling for Kiprotich, and of course, Meb).

Once it was over around 7:30, we were pretty hungry, and decided to order room service. We ordered chicken stir fry + french fries (very Thai), and chicken satay + mixed vegetables. We were about to take a picture when we saw this ginormous spider on our wall - much bigger than it looks! Now, if I dislike bats, Kevin dislikes spiders about 400 times more. After a series of shrieks (I mean, very manly screams), he convinced me to try to smack it with my shoe, which I did several times. I swear I got it, but ... we're not exactly sure where it is. After 3 hours of Google searches to make sure we'll make it until the morning, I think Kevin will be able to sleep ...

Last full day in Thailand tomorrow!
-Megan and Kevin

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Still awake... flashlight and sandal still in hand in case that GIANT, God-forsaken, mutant spider comes back. That damn thing could easily eat a bird.

by Kevin

Haha. There were definitely some "manly screams" coming out of teddy after looking at the spider pic. He thinks he is going to have nightmares and feels extremely bad for Kevin. What's with boys and spiders?!?!? Glad u enjoyed the islands and village. We are working on teleporting there for ur last day. "SMOOCH"

by Holly and Teddy

Lol Kevin!! But I am totally on your side with spiders! I usually make Brendan get them, but have been known to call Brian to come hom from work to get one if it is especially big and nasty looking! Yikes! I hope you got some sleep!

by Katie

Spider update: That monster went crawling up the wall right as we were getting ready to go to sleep. I think I actually heard the damn thing crawling - that is how big it was... note that I said "was." On the first try, I attacked it, and missed. IT tried to run under the couch, but I pulled it out for one last battle and finally finished IT off.

by Kevin

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